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Note To All Members

27 May 2020

Gerrards Cross Hockey Club

Dear All,


The Committee has met to review the season just finished and the prospects for next season.  Last season was particularly challenging, with the loss of games for both junior and adults as a result of the shortage of players and also due to the coronavirus curtailing most matches in March and April.  


The end of the season sees a number of (consistently available) players moving on to university and we wish them all the best.  It has however drawn attention to the fall in number of regular players.  The loss of the ladies team a couple of years ago was a major blow and, having taken all facts into account, the Committee has reluctantly concluded that it is not (financially viable or) realistic in terms of playing numbers to continue playing next season.


This is a sad day for the Club particularly for many members who have been with the Club for a very long period.  Our chief concern now is to ensure that all members who want to keep playing hockey can do so at a convenient location.


As part of our plans to ensure everyone can keep playing, we have had a number of discussions with Amersham and Chiltern (A&C) who have confirmed that they would be delighted to welcome any GX members, of all ages juniors and adults alike.  They have kindly agreed to send us some details about their Club that we can share with you and we are discussing with them the prospects of an early season game/get together so that they can introduce us to their Club, coronavirus permitting and we can agree how best to integrate all juniors who are interested in joining.  They have also indicated that there is a good chance that we can continue to use BHS for some of the games.  If there are a number of players who want to continue playing adult hockey  at A&C, an early commitment will ensure they are placed in the right side for their ability and A&C have said that if necessary they will field an extra adult team (Andy and JJ will be in contact in that respect).  We will also be making arrangements with other local clubs so that, whichever is most convenient, you will know whom to contact.


I would like again to express my thanks to a number of people who have given assistance this season and in my 5 years as Chairman.  To John Thorne, who has continued to umpire right up until the last match of the season and who played for the Club for so many years.  He has always been a good sounding board for me.  To Andy Matthews, for all he has done for the Club and for all his hard work over the last few seasons getting teams together and to JJ for being such a good and enthusiastic captain to the first team over the last few years and for all his work as Treasurer.  To John Shaw for all the years he has provided such high quality coaching and to Kali similarly over the last couple of years.  To my fellow Committee members and to all those who have given up time to volunteer and to enable the Club to thrive over so many years, whether as umpire, team manager, organiser or just supporter. 


From a personal perspective, I shall greatly miss playing for this Club and in particular seeing how so many young juniors, who begin with a level of reticence, develop into such talented and confident young players by the time they leave for university. 


I hope that we can all get the opportunity to continue playing and I will be in contact with more details as soon as these are available.  If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to assist.  


Charlie Pugh

GXHC Chairman

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May 2020